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Whole phases of the construction

Specializing on the custom projects and the wood work

about us:

Sullivan's County Restoration Group and Associates, LLC is recognized as the premier contractor for new construction and restoration remodeling in the county. Our principles are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in all areas of construction and landscaping services.

Our associates are all seasoned companies who have been operating in their areas of expertise for many years. And each is fully insured giving complete assurance to our customers of absolutely no liability or legal exposure whatsoever. Each project is closely evaluated aforehand and a detailed proposal is tendered where the customer and the group will identify all the specifics of the project then enter into a contract clearly listing all the terms and conditions so there are no surprises in the future.

The group has done extensive development throughout the county and has also done high quality finishing carpentry in some of Manhattan’s upscale high rise apartments.

All it takes is a call to our office and one of our professionals will be glad to meet with you to discuss your needs and our solution to them.

We limit the number of projects to be manageable for us and in this way we are able to assure the customer of a detailed plan with time tables of completion and benchmarks along the way.  You will be happy you called us and we will always be courteous and attentive to your requests.